Esther Recommends: The Dance of Connection

Dr. Harriet Lerner’s compelling stories in her excellent book, The Dance of Connection show us how to speak with honor and integrity. Teaching us how to restore love and connection with people who matter the most to us, even when it’s complicated and painful, Dr. Lerner gives us courage to speak truthfully to those who have hurt and offended us.

She dispenses practical advice with humor while her wisdom and kindness [Read more…]

Demoralized Employees

Unhappiness in the workplace can fester and turn into frustration if not addressed. Frustration compounds and contaminates, often creating a toxic environment. It fuels negativity, criticism and judgment that create defensiveness and distance among employees. Worker and customer relationships may erode, sapping productivity and progress.

All too often, the “open door” policy in business is a misnomer; systems and decision-making are not truly open. When managers ask, “Do you have everything you need?” they often don’t actually listen to the answer.

Effective communication begins with [Read more…]