Video: Oprah and Iyanla Talk About Tough Talks

“You cannot go through life without one,” said Oprah, on a recent Lifeclass with guest Iyanla Vanzant. The meaning of “one” in this case, was a hard conversation.

Before introducing the family who were the guests to be “helped,” Iyanla and Oprah discussed the issue that caused a years-long rift between them, as well as the hard conversation that renewed their friendship. Their willingness and ability to [Read more…]

The Value Of An Irate Customer: A Cheap and Effective Management Consultant

If you think that angry customers or clients are simply annoying and pesky, well, think again. By listening carefully, you will find that most of the time they are telling you what is working with your business — and, more importantly, what is not. Since they are the reason you have a business, here are some tips to help you handle a difficult situation while getting some “free” advice for improving your business.


Stay calm and resist the temptation to react defensively. The most pressing need for an angry customer is [Read more…]

Political Conversations: Too Hot to Handle?

Q. With the upcoming presidential election, folks are engaging more frequently in political discussions — at cocktail parties, the office water cooler and, of course, at family gatherings. As we know, these talks often occur spontaneously and can become heated. How can we handle these conversations and maintain civility?

TTC. Although we have been told from an early age that politics and religion are “off limits” for polite conversation, that just doesn’t work with a significant election looming. Since they are likely to happen now, folks should ask themselves a couple questions. What is [Read more…]