Video: Holiday Talks — Round Two

Last month we talked about how to handle some difficult situations that may arise around the holidays. Not surprisingly, we barely scratched the surface of all the possible ways family gatherings can go awry. Here are three more topics we might consider in order to keep the holidays as joyful as they might possibly be. Watch the Video

Bullying In The Workplace

When we think of bullying, school kids come to mind, fueled by the all-too-many headlines about teen suicide. Bullying, however, is a problem that is increasing in the culture and in the workplace.

What is bullying?

Bullying is a repeated pattern of negative aggressive behavior that usually involves [Read more…]

Video: Esther Recommends: Step Up

Step Up

Making recommendations to e-Talk readers gives me great pleasure. I enjoy sharing books, TED talks, TV shows and movies I think you might enjoy and find interesting and relevant. In this issue, I am recommending a song, “Step Up,” written and sung by my friend, Joe Sikkora.

Some years ago, Joe and his wife learned that both of their two young sons had a neurological disease that is fatal. [Read more…]

Apology, Forgiveness & Reconciliation — Part 1: Apology

Apology: Part I of 3

Personal connections are a top priority in my life. When an important relationship gets tangled up or damaged, either by me or another person, I make every effort to heal the relationship as quickly as possible. A recovery process includes three important elements — apology, forgiveness and reconciliation; each is important and distinct in its own right. Because harmony in relationships is [Read more…]