Overcoming the Generational Divide in the Workplace — Part 1: Recruiting


Workplace conflicts are a fact of life.  Books, seminars, conferences, articles, etc. address them regularly. The diversity has always generated challenges and probably always will, just as we will always be working on solutions and ways to handle difficult conversations, confrontations and situations.

One of the most recent challenges is the generational divide — the differences among [Read more…]

What Are You Afraid Of?

In his bravest book yet — “The Icarus Deception — Seth Godin challenges us to create art in a breathtaking way. It’s an idea that both excites and terrifies me! Nearly every page makes me think about my own self-imposed fears.

Godin passionately urges us to confront the old rules about playing it safe in life and to risk creating art. “It’s better to be sorry than safe,” is vintage Godin. “Art is [Read more…]

Apology, Forgiveness & Reconciliation — Part 2: Forgiveness

In part 1 of Apology, Forgiveness & Reconciliation, we talked about “apologies,” the acceptance of blame and responsibility for wrongdoing, injury or offense— and the assurance that none was intended.

When I have caused offense or harm to another person, a genuine apology is not difficult for me to make. Forgiveness, however, has been much harder. As a child, two people who were important in my life inflicted grievous emotional and psychological damage to me. For years, I [Read more…]