Okay — What Did You Expect? Part 2: Meeting Expectations

I received terrific responses to my “Setting Expectations” blog last month and want to address the “how to” of meeting expectations this month.

When plans don’t go as expected, a negative reaction is normal. The discrepancy between expectations and results can be major or minor, expensive or relatively insignificant. Regardless of the outcome’s severity, an agreement has been broken. Credibility is damaged and trust may have been breached.

In business as in life, the importance [Read more…]

The True Value Of A 400-Mile Drive

What’s the true value of meeting and exceeding a customer’s expectations? It can be customer retention. Or it can be your job. Read on, for a true story that illustrates the point.

The phone call came while I was having my morning coffee at the office. I was the head of service for Taylor Instrument Company at the time. I identified myself and immediately heard the angry voice of one of our good customers on the other end, “I am in charge of food production at the XYZ company in Mississippi and as soon as you and I hang up, I’m going to call the president of your company and ask that you be fired!”

As soon as I recovered from the shock of what he had said, I [Read more…]

Five Tips For Having Tough Conversations

Tough talks can happen anywhere, whether they are planned or unexpected. At the office, perhaps at a board or tenants’ meeting. You are leading a group and you find yourself with a team member who is argumentative or pushy. If a successful meeting or the group’s productivity are at stake, you know that you need to handle the situation, but what do you do? Here are some things to think about.

Having a Tough Conversation

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