Avoiding The Parent Trap

September is here and thousands of kids are back to school. That means it’s time for that wonderful rite of fall: Parent-Teacher conferences. Here are some tips for parents on how to have a productive talk with their child’s teacher, even if there are some tough topics to cover. Watch the Video

Customer Service: Fantasy vs. Reality

How To Keep Your Customers By Dealing With Conflict

During my years as a sales and marketing executive, I learned the importance of dealing with really angry customers. Several situations where customers’ problems had been avoided and/or mishandled — causing conflict, anger and alienation — were handed to me to resolve.

I confess that the customers’ hostility and initial refusal to deal with me was daunting. Long before they would allow me to resolve their problems, I had to summon the courage to hear, understand and acknowledge their problems and perspectives. Over time, I was almost always [Read more…]

How A Generation Is Born: The Power And The Problems

There are various means of resolving workplace conflict, one of which is understanding generational differences. Generational Expert Chuck Underwood provided us with sage advice about the generational divide in three previous blogs.

Overcoming the Generational Divide in the Workplace — Part 1: Recruiting

Overcoming the Generational Divide in the Workplace — Part 2: Managing

Overcoming the Generational Divide in the Workplace — Part 3: Retaining

There has been a lot of conflicting information of late about the Millennial generation, and Chuck was gracious enough to talk with us about that, as well as filling us in on the evolution of generational study.

TTC: A lot has been written and discussed about the Millennial generation quite recently. It has been very controversial since so much of it has been inconsistent. How does this happen?

CU: When generational study finally emerged around the turn of the century, after a handful of us had worked for a number of years to create it, it became a white-hot topic because Generational Business Strategies WORKED. With that, a whole bunch of people declared themselves generational experts because there was fast money [Read more…]

A Must Read On A Tough Topic

“Death is a tough topic” is the opening line in my friend Jeanette Reese’s poignant essay “Final Lessons.”  It focuses on a shattering, but eye-opening experience Jeanette had with her stepson, while her husband — the man they both loved — lay dying.

It was a moment that caused Jeanette to realize the depth of her stepson’s pain and to suddenly understand [Read more…]

Final Lessons

“Final Lessons” — by Jeanette Reese

Death is a tough topic. But knowing someone we love is going to die adds layers of words and emotions to the already complicated human task of communication. It is a time when feelings run so high it is as if skyscrapers are tipping over and crashing into each other. It is a time when we can – and should – rise to new heights in relationships, but it is often a time when, quite simply, we are not at our best.

Some years ago, a close friend of mine shared a story with me that I never forgot. Her mother-in-law had just received a dreadful diagnosis. As a physician, Mary Ann took the family through an explanation of how the disease [Read more…]