Coming Out Of Your Closet

TEDx Talk Boulder by Ash Beckham

Ash Beckham believes that “we all spend time in closets” and at some point we need to “come out” of them. “All a closet is,” she says, “is a hard conversation.”  A self-professed militant lesbian, Beckham suggests that for one person, a closet might be telling someone that you love her for the first time. Or, telling someone you are pregnant. Or any of the other hard conversations that we have throughout our lives.

Although the topics may vary tremendously, Beckham notes that [Read more…]

Are You Easy To Talk To?

Think back! Was it ever hard for you to talk to someone? Who was that and when did it happen? Do you remember why you found it so hard?  Have you thought about how others might be perceiving you and the possibility that they might find it difficult to talk to you?

There are many reasons why some people seem to be unapproachable or just not easy to talk to. Sometimes [Read more…]

Five Ways To Listen Better: TED Talk

TED Talk by Julian Treasure

“We are losing our listening,” says leading sound expert Julian Treasure in his short but fascinating TED Talk.

With the invention of recording, writing, audio and video recording, the premium on accurate and careful listening has simply disappeared. And, Treasure says, “we are living in a world that gets louder and louder.”

Treasure defines listening as [Read more…]

A Sandbox In The Workplace?

Well, maybe not a real sandbox, but research has shown the importance of incorporating games and other forms of fun into the workplace. I had the pleasure of talking with Howard Papush, aka Dr. Play, about “recess at the office” and how it can make a significant difference in productivity.

Girl in sandbox

TTC: Why do you think that it is so important to incorporate play into our workdays?

Dr. Play: When we were kids we had more balanced lives. We spent time in the classroom, but we also had recess. As adults we go to work, but we don’t get recess. People need [Read more…]