Giving Constructive Criticism Artfully: Here’s How!

I recently spoke at a workshop for human resource professionals and found that a major concern remains how to criticize an employee’s performance or behavior in a constructive and respectful manner. Given the importance of the issue, I thought I would share an article that appeared in e-Talk several years ago. Its contents remain relevant, important and helpful.

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Remember that each employee is the “face” of a company, especially those who deal directly with customers and clients. Therefore, [Read more…]

Who, Me? A Caregiver?

I have written two blogs about caregiving for e-Talk: one about caregivers in the workplace and another about siblings who are taking care of parents.

I wrote about situations that were shared with me by friends and colleagues. I researched issues, participated in professional gatherings and talked with experts.

What I did not have was personal experience. Oh my goodness! What a difference that perspective makes.

My Friend, Laura

My dear friend Laura — who has become part of my family — asked me many years ago if I


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