The Importance of Trust – Part 3: Organizational Trust

Organizational Trust

When my boss reneged on a promise, it was the catalyst for my departure from the company.

Here’s what happened: The telephone sales staff had worked for minimum wage for over five years. My department was profitable and it was time to compensate them fairly. I worked with the VP of finance for over a year to accomplish this well-deserved salary increase, which was approved by the Board of Directors and announced to the staff. On the day the checks were distributed, the raise was not included! When confronted, my boss stated that he had changed his mind and was not able to honor the raise. [Read more…]

Thinking And Talking About
The End Of Life

I heard about something called the Death Café where people meet and talk about end-of-life issues. It is very much like a support group, but without a therapist or facilitator and with a focus on only one topic. It began as a means of helping people whose loved ones would not talk about “life’s final chapter” — a place where folks find others with whom to share ideas, fears and information. Granted, these are hard conversations to have.


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