The Joy Of Letting Go!

The Joy Of Letting Go!

Everyone has a story. Some stories and journeys are more difficult than others. We all have had challenges that we seem to hold onto. But, as we know, life is to be lived in the present rather than the past, even when it’s hard.

Sometimes we feel stuck. We have experienced a devastating loss, a humiliating or infuriating injustice, a personal embarrassment or a paralyzing fear. These may seem insurmountable, but ruminating about a past occurrence that can’t be undone robs us of our energy, our perspective and our future. Similarly, worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet is unproductive and essentially a waste of precious time. [Read more…]

Thinking And Talking About
The End Of Life

I heard about something called the Death Café where people meet and talk about end-of-life issues. It is very much like a support group, but without a therapist or facilitator and with a focus on only one topic. It began as a means of helping people whose loved ones would not talk about “life’s final chapter” — a place where folks find others with whom to share ideas, fears and information. Granted, these are hard conversations to have.


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A Holiday Message

With Hanukkah beginning Tuesday night, and Christmas coming a week from Thursday, I would like to take the time to wish you unlimited joy, gratitude and love during the holiday season and throughout the coming year.

Because I personally celebrate Christmas, I take time to think about its true meaning, which reminds me of a favorite phrase from the Bible.

“This is the day the Lord has made and
we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

This is a particularly good time to slow down, take pause and pay attention to what really matters most to you in life. It can be a courageous decision to feel optimistic in the face of challenging circumstances. However, in the end the truth is that you are in charge of your thinking, feelings and actions.

I believe that Christ was a model of unconditional love. But no matter what your religion or belief may be, love is at the core of all of them. This IS the day the Lord hath made. So, rejoice, be glad and work towards loving yourself and others more.

Blessings, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Life As An Introvert

Several months ago, I recommended author Susan Cain’s TED Talk: “The Power of Introverts.”  It struck a deep chord with many people, especially those who are introverts, and gave a greater understanding of their behavior and, in many cases, a sense of relief.

My friend Anna has often grappled with her natural way of being in the world — quiet and reserved. Although she is funny and loves to laugh, Anna has a serious demeanor. After watching the TED Talk, she said to me, “Susan was talking to and about me. I am an introvert. That is the core aspect of my personality, and what a relief it is to finally understand that it’s okay.”

I thought it would be interesting to interview Anna about her “life as an introvert.” She agreed. [Read more…]

Walking On Eggshells


The need to walk on eggshells around someone feels lousy! Whether it’s at the office or at home, the feeling of being on edge or needing to be extremely cautious with someone creates distance, tension and negatively impacts our state of mind as well as our behavior.

Perhaps you fear someone’s negative reaction because the person is too sensitive to handle something — they may be easily offended or take things personally. Maybe the person tends to react or even explode. Or, someone may actually refuse to acknowledge or speak to you.

Here are a few tips to help diffuse, or deal with, an “eggshell” situation. [Read more…]