Video: Oprah and Iyanla Talk About Tough Talks

“You cannot go through life without one,” said Oprah, on a recent Lifeclass with guest Iyanla Vanzant. The meaning of “one” in this case, was a hard conversation.

Before introducing the family who were the guests to be “helped,” Iyanla and Oprah discussed the issue that caused a years-long rift between them, as well as the hard conversation that renewed their friendship. Their willingness and ability to [Read more…]

The Third Ear

Wouldn’t it be good if we could comprehend the true meaning during a difficult conversation? We could listen ‘below the line’ or ‘underneath’ for nuances, clues, unspoken messages and non- verbal signals. How can we can do this without an actual third ear? [Read more…]

Three T’s of Close Relationships

Why are some relationships closer, more connected and ‘cleaner,’ than others? Clean means no secrets (overt or covert), no withholding, straight, honest and kind communication.

A friendship requires reciprocity where each person is free to be themselves and say what’s true is rare. Common interests and shared experience certainly provide connection and enjoyment. However, that experience does not [Read more…]

Arguing Can Be Good for Relationships

Have you ever been surprised when a conversation escalates into an argument? Do you know that arguing can actually be good for your relationship? Of course, it depends on how partners argue. Elizabeth Bernstein’s article, “Fighting Happily Ever After” (Wall Street Journal, July 27, 2010) illustrates that there is a right way to fight and that dealing with disagreements effectively actually strengthens a relationship. It is important to realize that [Read more…]