Who, Me? A Caregiver?

I have written two blogs about caregiving for e-Talk: one about caregivers in the workplace and another about siblings who are taking care of parents.

I wrote about situations that were shared with me by friends and colleagues. I researched issues, participated in professional gatherings and talked with experts.

What I did not have was personal experience. Oh my goodness! What a difference that perspective makes.

My Friend, Laura

My dear friend Laura — who has become part of my family — asked me many years ago if I


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When Siblings Share the Care

When was the last time you heard or said the words, “Mom liked you best?”  Hopefully, not since you were very young — or ever.

But with our population living so much longer and siblings finding themselves in the role of caring for aging parents, these “fighting” words seem to be spoken more frequently.

Warm childhood memories often emerge during the course of family caregiving, but so do old grievances and pain. Sharing the care of elderly parents can be just as difficult as sharing was when we were children growing up in the same house.

Family dynamics leave a legacy that often becomes [Read more…]

Helping The Helpers

Manage The High Cost Of Caregiver Employees

United States businesses estimate losses of up to $33.6 billion per year of lost productivity from full-time working caregivers.1 Costs include replacing employees, absenteeism, workday distractions, supervisory time, and reductions in hours from full-time to part-time. Employees find themselves having to move a parent closer to home, traveling long distances to their parents’ homes, taking them to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping and other errands. This takes its toll on all concerned. [Read more…]