Life Transitions: Opportunities and Challenges

What is a life transition?

  • A bridge from one phase to another
  • A time of discovery or re-evaluation
  • A chance to reflect, imagine, consider options
  • A passage from one place, state or style, to another

Perspectives and priorities change naturally as we transition from one phase of life to another. Sometimes they are easy and graceful; sometimes not. Either way, they bring [Read more…]

Are You Easy To Talk To?

Think back! Was it ever hard for you to talk to someone? Who was that and when did it happen? Do you remember why you found it so hard?  Have you thought about how others might be perceiving you and the possibility that they might find it difficult to talk to you?

There are many reasons why some people seem to be unapproachable or just not easy to talk to. Sometimes [Read more…]

Avoiding The Parent Trap

September is here and thousands of kids are back to school. That means it’s time for that wonderful rite of fall: Parent-Teacher conferences. Here are some tips for parents on how to have a productive talk with their child’s teacher, even if there are some tough topics to cover. Watch the Video

Video: How To Help A Friend Who Needs To Vent

Everyone needs to vent once in a while. Perceived insults and slights occur – and it actually can help to discuss the situation.

But people often vent by simply losing their cool in an emotional outburst.

If you see a friend needs to vent (and you’re not the object of their ire), you can help by following these insightful tips.

Watch the Video