“Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail” — Benjamin Franklin


“Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail” — Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s quote has it exactly right! If you have not made adequate preparations for your journey or project, you are unlikely to succeed. This presupposes, of course, that you have not identified your goal.


Start With The End In Mind

This is your inner guidance system. What specifically do you want to have happen? Decide what is truly important to you, then focus and contribute each day to achieving that end. Working effectively is very different than being busy. Once you have identified a goal, devise a plan, prepare thoroughly for how to accomplish it and then execute it. Remember, if the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall, every step we take simply gets us to the wrong place faster. [Read more…]

How Great Leaders Inspire Action — TEDx (Puget Sound) Talk by Simon Sinek


How Great Leaders Inspire Action
TEDx (Puget Sound) Talk by Simon Sinek

Listening to Simon Sinek explain what he calls “The Golden Circle” is fascinating. He begins with questions. “How do you explain when things that do succeed defy all of the assumptions? Why is Apple so innovative year after year,” he asks, “when they are just like everyone else? Same assets, talents, agencies.” Using three little words — why, how and what — Sinek explains why some leaders and organizations are able to succeed and others are not.


Simply put, all of the great and inspiring leaders and organizations in the world think, act and communicate the exact same way. And it is the complete opposite to everyone else. Let’s think about his Golden Circle.

The outer circle is WHAT. Every single organization on the planet knows what it does. Apple, as an example, “Makes great computers.”

Next is HOW organizations do what they do. Some do know how they do it; others do not. Citing Apple again: “We make great computers. They’re beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.” [Read more…]