The Joy Of Letting Go!

The Joy Of Letting Go!

Everyone has a story. Some stories and journeys are more difficult than others. We all have had challenges that we seem to hold onto. But, as we know, life is to be lived in the present rather than the past, even when it’s hard.

Sometimes we feel stuck. We have experienced a devastating loss, a humiliating or infuriating injustice, a personal embarrassment or a paralyzing fear. These may seem insurmountable, but ruminating about a past occurrence that can’t be undone robs us of our energy, our perspective and our future. Similarly, worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet is unproductive and essentially a waste of precious time. [Read more…]

Who, Me? A Caregiver?

I have written two blogs about caregiving for e-Talk: one about caregivers in the workplace and another about siblings who are taking care of parents.

I wrote about situations that were shared with me by friends and colleagues. I researched issues, participated in professional gatherings and talked with experts.

What I did not have was personal experience. Oh my goodness! What a difference that perspective makes.

My Friend, Laura

My dear friend Laura — who has become part of my family — asked me many years ago if I


[Read more…]

Life Transitions: Opportunities and Challenges

What is a life transition?

  • A bridge from one phase to another
  • A time of discovery or re-evaluation
  • A chance to reflect, imagine, consider options
  • A passage from one place, state or style, to another

Perspectives and priorities change naturally as we transition from one phase of life to another. Sometimes they are easy and graceful; sometimes not. Either way, they bring [Read more…]