Tough Talk Coach (TTC) founder Esther C. Bleuel is dedicated to helping organizations improve productivity, profitability and culture by creating an environment where individuals engage in quality conversations. The result? The building of trust and respect, creative collaboration and achieving excellent outcomes.

Solving the “right” problem is key to the lasting resolution of any challenging situation. The “presenting” problem is often not the core issue and its resolution won’t fully resolve the situation. For instance, a recurring workplace conflict may manifest as employees’ resentment and lack of cooperation, missed goals and reduced productivity. In fact, the real issue may be that they feel disrespected by a lack of transparency, failure to engage and communicate expectations effectively.

Esther’s unique blend of education and experience positions her to provide the perspective and insight required to identify core issues that negatively impact your organization. Whether the situation is simple or complex, Esther’s skills will enable you to discover opportunities that can emerge from the challenges.

TTC will help you:

  • Evaluate your situation
  • Identify challenges and opportunities
  • Explore multiple options
  • Identity specific goals and priorities
  • Devise an appropriate strategy
  • Create a detailed plan with measureable goals
  • Implement the plan to accomplish the agreed upon objectives.

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