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Esther C. Bleuel empowers individuals to use and share their talents to grow and thrive. She is gifted at helping clients identify and resolve conflicts, have difficult conversations with ease and confidence, and deal with challenging people effectively.

Esther Bleuel

Esther’s first career was in the newspaper industry. Across fifteen years, she identified her passion for creative problem solving and helping people grow and thrive. This realization prompted Esther to change careers. She completed Pepperdine University’s Master’s program in Clinical Psychology, worked as a therapy intern, and then established a private practice.

Today, Esther has two offices in suburban Los Angeles (Encino and Westlake Village) and works with individuals, couples, and groups.

An ongoing interest in the interactive dynamics among people – workplaces, families, social groups, and partnerships – propelled Esther to return to Pepperdine and earn a Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute of Conflict at the University’s School of Law. For ten years, Esther was an adjunct professor at Pepperdine, teaching negotiation, mediation, and social psychology of conflict.

Esther founded Tough Talk Coach as a specialized aspect of her practice to help organizations successfully resolve conflicts.

Since Esther’s experience spans corporate, education, therapy, and conflict resolution environments, she brings to her clients the wisdom to solve the right problem and a depth of tools to do so.

Over the years, many of her clients have requested of Esther that she write a book. With the help of Martha Abbey Miller, a career writer and published author, Esther wrote that book: Getting Unstuck: Experience the Joy of Finishing Strong. It was published in November 2018, and is available in both Kindle and hardcopy at

getting unstuck book
For great insight into yourself and your relationships with friends, loved ones and business associates, get a copy of Esther's book, Getting Unstuck: Experience the Joy of Finishing Strong.

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