Positive business results are achieved through the collaborative contributions of individuals, not through compliance or control. This is accomplished within an organization’s culture when relationships are grounded in trust, respect and openness. Since the quality of a relationship depends on the quality of conversations and interactions over time, achieving proficiency with each dialogue is invaluable.

TTC teaches leaders and teams how to have conversations that will resolve or prevent conflicts. Dealing with challenging personalities and difficult situations requires both enormous emotional energy and mental courage. Without them we may fight, flee, shut down or give in. Unfortunately, interpersonal tensions and conflicts don’t evaporate; they fester and collect until they are addressed or resolved. Or, they may compromise or destroy a relationship

Trying to prove that you are right, or avoiding the risk of embarrassment or loss, are tactics that don’t work — certainly not in the long run. When you want to preserve a relationship, you need tools for engaging in a constructive conversation. Insight, self-management and wisdom help you to stay present with others and not react emotionally or negatively to threat. The ability to influence, motivate and contribute to an organization’s success requires self-awareness and understanding of one’s impact on others.

With TTC coaching, participants will learn how to:

  • Manage emotions & responses in stressful or escalated interactions
  • Surface and resolve unspoken issues
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Earn credibility, trust and respect from others
  • Identify and resolve core issues
  • Resolve disputes for lasting results
  • Say hard things or deliver bad news effectively
  • Influence or motivate others constructively
  • Understand their own impact on others

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