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All We Can Do Is All We Can Do Within Our Sphere of Influence.

About Being Powerless

Here are related ways to think about this lesson:

  • Act in your own best interest, not at someone else’s expense.
  • There are no guarantees about how things will work out.
  • You can’t control or change another person.

Here’s a summary of this life lesson:

It’s important to be realistic about whether we have the ability, authority, or skills to effect change. We may feel powerless when we realize many things are out of our control. We can only impact the people with whom we interact and the circumstances in which we engage. Often, we can contribute and make a difference. Sometimes, we cannot. We need to be realistic about our limitations.


Ask yourself, “To get unstuck, I need to learn how to . . . “

Click on the skill you’d most like to learn! Use these skills in your daily life. Notice your progress! Then add another skill from this or another lesson.



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