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Deciphering Our Childhood Is Not About Vilifying Our Parents. It’s About Understanding Why We Are the Way We Are.

About Forgiveness

Here are related ways to think about this lesson:

  • All you can do is all you can do. You cannot control or change another person.
  • It’s reasonable to expect that parents will keep you safe.
  • Traumatic experiences can be survived, learned from, and released.
  • You can learn not to be the prisoner of your emotions and history.

Here’s a summary of this life lesson:

The earliest years of life are critical for a child. During those years, the brain programs itself to support discovery of the world and the self in relationship to others. Home is the child’s primary environment. When protected and nurtured, a child feels secure and can learn and thrive. Since children are hard-wired to survive, they will adapt to their circumstances to get their basic needs met. Their experiences with adults form long-lasting impressions of roles, attitudes, and values.

We know our parents thought they did the best they could, even when their best was not good enough. That’s understandable and quite normal. Unfortunately, unhealthy, learned attitudes and behaviors can be devastating and have lasting consequences. At the same time, irresponsible or incompetent parenting is not an excuse for our own bad behavior or failure.


Ask yourself, “To get unstuck, I need to learn how to . . . “

Click on the skill you’d most like to learn! Use these skills in your daily life. Notice your progress! Then add another skill from this or another lesson.


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