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We Must Learn Our Own Lessons, in Our Own Time, in Our Own Way.

About Learning

Here are related ways to think about this lesson:

  • It’s not what happens that matters so much. It’s how you handle things and what they mean to you that count.
  • You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
  • You change when you are ready and not a moment sooner.

Here’s a summary of this life lesson:

Learning is a process, not an event. A willing, open attitude prepares us to learn how to learn, so we can grow. We can derive wisdom by reflection and thoughtful consideration of multiple perspectives. When a student is ready to learn, some kind of teacher will appear, either as an individual or an experience. We may learn by example, either positive or negative, without engaging in that behavior ourselves. Awareness and insight, though, are not sufficient. Unless we apply a given lesson in our own daily lives, we will not change.

The power of experiential learning cannot be overstated. When we think, speak, or take an action, our brain programs itself to remember. Learning, knowing, and becoming wise are not passive. They are active, engaging experiences that become ours. Once we create an experience for ourselves, our brain can re-create and practice the activity. If we can do something once, we can do it twice.


Ask yourself, “To get unstuck, I need to learn how to . . . “

Click on the skill you’d most like to learn! Use these skills in your daily life. Notice your progress! Then add another skill from this or another lesson.


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