Conflict-free work environments are more productive and creative. The result? Higher morale, trust and loyalty. Conflict often provides an opportunity for growth and change in both professional and personal arenas and the benefits of mastering critical conflict resolution and communication concepts and skills will last a lifetime.

While some conflict is inevitable, ignoring it negatively impact your organization’s bottom line. Unresolved issues tend to fester and harden, making resolution more difficult.

Our promise is to provide coaching and training that will provide you with the skills to prepare for challenging situations and to handle those that happen unexpectedly. The result? Peace of mind.


Tough Talk Coach will provide you with a powerful framework for dealing with conflict. What does it look like? How does it work? You will learn how to leverage your strengths (or lessen your limitations) to obtain optimum results. The training and coaching will enable you to examine and develop effective techniques for having difficult conversations and dealing with challenging personalities and situations. In addition, you will master essential skills and gain confidence through experiential engagement and role-play. Learning how to prepare and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to resolve issues and achieve lasting outcomes will be a key part of the process. You will emerge more skillful and confident in your ability to manage conflict situations in all aspects of life — priceless!


The Conversation Course prepares you to have any kind of tough talk successfully, planned or unexpected. Your competence with the key elements of this curriculum ensures your ability to have any difficult conversation with confidence.

The Master Course is transformational because of the breadth and depth of its conflict resolution curriculum and the experiential learning model. Participants will gain proficiency in:

Techniques for thorough preparation
A conflict assessment model
Understanding of issues and stakeholders
Conflict resolution and communication skills & concepts
Evaluation and retention model

The Academy Course (Train-The-Trainer) prepares and equips trainers to deliver in-depth quality curriculum within your organization. This is the most cost-effective way to maintain a consistent culture of conflict resolution attitudes and skills among teams and staff over time. Reinforcement of the expectation that issues within the organization will be identified and addressed quickly will earn trust and loyalty within the organization.


Peace of mind, knowing that, no matter what happens, you can manage yourself effectively in any challenging situation (professional or personal, planned or unexpected).

Improved quality of life and relationships because you are not guarded, defensive or afraid of conflict. No need to avoid sticky conversations that could go wrong or escalate. You have the skills and confidence to deal with challenging personalities effectively, even under pressure.

Because you have mastered critical concepts and skills for dealing with conflict, communication and people, you will possess this ability for the rest of your life!

Freedom from worry about having difficult conversations, dealing with conflict situations or challenging people — priceless!

Having the competence and confidence to manage yourself, deal effectively with people, and create mutually beneficial outcomes, you will be prepared to handle any kind of conflict successfully.

Make a positive difference in your organization and your life. Contact us at info@toughtalkcoach.com or call (805) 517-4882 to learn how.