Esther C. Bleuel, MA, MFT, MDR

President and Founder of Tough Talk Coach, Esther is an acclaimed expert in interpersonal communication and conversation. Passionate about empowering people with the skills and confidence to have successful and constructive conversations instead of conflict, believes that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”* Similarly, any relationship essentially develops one conversation and one interaction, at a time. Thus, the more successful each conversation, the more connected and trusting the relationship.

While studying for a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, Esther realized the power of conversation. She began to encourage and teach clients to have conversations as a means of preventing or diffusing conflict. Where others often see obstacles and challenges, Esther excels at seeing opportunities for growth and transformation.

The unique breadth and depth of Esther’s experience as a corporate executive, business owner, professor and psychotherapist provides her not only with a broad understanding and perspective, but also with the ability to teach and motivate others to embrace positive change.

Always interactive and fun, Esther’s talks contribute to the lives of others in meaningful and practical ways. Attendees always leave her with at last one tip or pearl of wisdom that can be used immediately.

Esther can speak on a wide variety of topics and each talk, presentation or training will be tailored to the needs of a client. Formats include:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Conference presentations
  • Half and full-day training sessions
  • Lectures
  • Workshops/seminars/panels

Always interactive and fun, Esther’s talks contribute in a meaningful way to the lives of others. Attendees always leave her presentations with a least one tip or pearl of wisdom that can be applied immediately.

Esther is eager to create a talk or training for your audience or team, adapted to suit your specific needs.

To schedule an engagement or discuss your specific needs, please contact Esther at (805) 517-4882 or info@toughtalkcoach.com.


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