“It’s always great learning relevant information that helps on professional and personal levels alike. Esther’s pragmatic approach to managing conflicts and her outstanding communication skills make her a great teacher and an excellent consultant. Esther, Thank you for sharing your techniques and wisdom.”
Joel Volk, General Manager and President

“Esther is phenomenal at providing clarity for business and personal life choices. She is a great coach and business ethics expert.” Patrick S.

“Esther Bleuel spoke last week to our Life Transition Group on a very tough and important topic: “How do you prepare and handle a tough conversation or relationship with your spouse, children parents, colleagues or friends.” In a couple of hours Esther was able to provide us insights, skill and a formula to succeed with the Difficult Conversation. Furthermore, she gave us some helpful questions to ponder with our significant others that are already helping in the quality of my relationship and life. Thanks for the brilliant talk.” Ron Dresher: Co-Founder, Life Transition Group

“Based on Esther’s counsel, I’ve been able to succeed in having a different sort of conversation with key individuals — a new way of approaching them that helps bring about fresh understanding, new possibilities and improved harmony. Importantly, these new conversation also produced new, improved results — much faster than I’d have believed possible. Thank you, Esther for this lasting gift!” Jeff M.

“Esther is a master of getting to the solution. In a world where distortion, misunderstanding, willful ignorance and well-meaning failure is normal, she is expert at helping you pick your spouse, maximize your opportunities, and minimize your mistakes.” Jeff B.

“Esther has a talent for finding the core issues in conflicts, to see through the elevated emotions of the moment, without discounting an individual’s feelings. She has a heart for those who struggle to understand themselves and how their feelings impact others.” Mark S.

“Esther’s advice and guidance has consistently been wise, insightful, caring and practical. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.” Michael H.

“Esther has taught me how to have a conversation without attacking. She is strong, caring, sensitive and smart at what she does. She has helped us through some very difficult times and given us the tools to communicate together and set goals in our daily life. She has made the most difficult challenges simple.” Julie & Allie B

“Esther has changed my life! She is a seasoned businesswoman who brings an exceptional expertise in personal guidance. She has provided me with the practical tools and self-knowledge to help me be more successful than I ever imagined. This success is defined by self-respect and flexibility in my interactions with others, professional and personal. I now have the power of clean communication. I strongly recommend Esther to anyone interested in improving their own self-knowledge and ‘living’ abilities!” Gloria A.

“Esther has taught me that happiness is a choice. Only you decide what kind of day you are going to have. I have been in a challenging relationship and she gives me tools to communicate and find balance in my life. I am forever grateful.” Julie B.

“Esther’s wisdom has carried me through many situations in life. … Her advice is solid and her solutions work! Because of her, I am a better manager, mother and wife.” Elena G

“Today I have relationships that I would have walked away from because of being afraid to say hard things. With Esther’s patience and tools, I have had hard conversations I couldn’t even imagine. I can say hard things in a way that people can hear them. I have relationships today that are deeper and more trusting.” Heather K.

“Clarity in communication is at the root of all problem-solving. The ability to think clearly, even under stressful and unpleasant circumstances, is the key to this approach. I recommend Esther’s training with enthusiasm.” Jeff B.

“Ms. Bleuel is not only a skilled and attentive listener, but gives helpful suggestions on how to have a difficult conversation. I found this to be true after sharing my struggle with her regarding a relationship that has been challenging for many years. She gave me specific suggestions about how to prepare in advance, what to say and what not to say, and she helped me think through how to steer the conversation so as to prevent our emotions from escalating.  To my delight, it worked! I consider that difficult conversation to be a turning point in this relationship and I have Ms. Bleuel to thank for it.” Jennifer W.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Synergy Business Connection talk last Thursday! I have already tried (something new) in having a difficult direct conversation with an associate… OMG! IT WORKED and I feel so much better!  I am now looking for opportunities to communicate more effectively. Thank you so much!” Mary G.